Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010


The Palm Tree at the foot of the 2nd step of the Big 4 at Raoul Wallenberg Alternative School in San Francisco has played a supporting role in skateboarding since 1990. My Nike SB Dunk Low colorway is inspired by this little tree’s “Twenty Year Anniversary” in 2010/2011. Throughout the mid 90’s the tree made in appearance in most of the best skate videos of the era. Dudes were getting tech using the bottom stair as a low ledge and the second stair as a high ledge. The tree grew. In the early 2000’s people started hucking themselves down the 4, pulling tricks that would have been impressive down the first stair ten years earlier. Over the decade the tree has grown larger, like the skating going on around it. The colorway draws a palette from the palm tree itself while utilizing hemp for the Swoosh. The white midsole represents the step and has a visible “waxed ledge” around the top of it, just like that step at Wallenberg. Lastly, the insoles each contain a pixelated image of the palm tree itself, giving a nod to all of the times it has appeared in skate videos over the years.


Inspired by a fictional character known as “Larry Perkins”, Nike SB will add the following Dunk Low to its 2010 March release schedule. Larry Perkins was created as a fictional character on behalf of Big Brother Magazine who would make prank calls to both pro skaters and skate mags alike. Original samples of this black denim sneaker featured a chirping bird sound integrated into the tongue but it has now be changed in favor of a ringing telephone.

Monday, March 15, 2010